Marital Dissolution

Marital dissolution agreements are contracts between parties that are presented to the Court for approval in Separate Support and Maintenance Cases or Divorce cases. If accepted the proposed agreement will become an Order of the Court and the case will be finalized. If you and your spouse agree on, among other things, custody, assets, debts, pensions, property division, and alimony then a marital dissolution agreement may be in your best interest. The benefits of coming to an agreement are several. Some of the most obvious benefits are that you will be able to negotiate an agreement with your spouse and propose it to the Court. Without an agreement the Court will make all the decisions. It will also minimize the amount of cost you spend on legal fees as well as the amount of time that each party must spend preparing for hearings and mediation. Thinking about a marital dissolution agreement? I urge you to read this link for further insight.

The Court will review an agreement concerning custody if you and the mother or father of your child never married.