The Business Basics

If you are a business owner, you know there are several obstacles as well as opportunities that you must access and decisions to make that will put you in the best possible position to capitalize. Depending on your unique situation it may be beneficial to incorporate, create a LLC or another business entity for tax and liability reasons. It is also often important to copyright your work or trademark a particular design, logo or slogan. This will not only give you a claim to your creative work but could guard against being sued and paying considerable legal fees for something that could have been avoided.

Those in the business world know there will be highs and lows, deals, and unfortunately conflicts. If you have a contract dispute, employment disagreement or feel someone is not fulfilling their fiduciary duty, it is important to take action before an irreparable amount of damage is done.

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I know that bad things happen to good people. I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you find the best solution to your problems.

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